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Welcome to the Caesar's Challenge guide at TV Tome.There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look <a href="/about/editor.shtml">here</a> for details. This would be daytime television's last network game show. Taped @ Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ahmad Rashad hosted this word game where three contestants (sometimes a returning champion) played. The object was to guess scrambled up words. However, you must answer a question before picking a letter. The person who answers correctly picks a letter where it's inserted in the right position. Then the player had 5 seconds to guess the word, otherwise played resumed. The first round had 7 letter words where correct questions paid $100 & solving the word paid $100 per letter. Round 2 had 8 letter words; $200 & Round 3 had 9 letter words; $300. Also, one of the letters was considered the "Lucky Slot"! Place that letter & guess the word, you won a $500 (or b
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