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This sitcoms was less than successful--not only for its twisted plot outline, but for its crazy characters. Who's Watching the Kids? was a fun, kids sitcom--set in Las Vegas, Nevada--about two kids... Frankie Vitola (15) and Melissa Turner (9), who lived with their two young adult sisters, who worked both as night parents, and as daytime showgirls at the third-rate local nightspot, Club Sand Pile.
Angie was Frankie's sister, and Stacy was Melissa's. Since the girls could basically be tending to their siblings at night, their neighbor, Larry, worked at KVGS as a news anchorman--was asked to please "watch the kids" during the daytime. Mitzi, the emcee at the club, was also the landlord of everyone. Bert Gunkel was Larry's clutsy cameraman, whom also lived in the apartment building and helped Larry watch the kids, and Memphis was the main attraction of Club Sand Pile.

Actors: Jim Belushi, Scott Baio, Tammy Lauren, Lynda Goodfriend, Caren Kaye, Larry Breeding, Lorrie Mahaffey, Marcia Lewis
Season 1
    Episode 1: Legs  
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