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What is The John Larroquette Show about?
A fascinating case study in how to destroy a successful situation comedy. In its first season The John Larroquette Show was a daring dark comedy and a hit. Set in a St. Louis long distance bus terminal, with a recovering alcoholic protagonist adrift in a sea of losers, hookers, and street people, black and white, gay and straight, this was unlike anything seen in a sitcom since Hot'l Baltimore a generation before, a comedy that addressed issues on the dark side of the American dream: race, class, gender, abuse of authority, substance addiction, etc. In the second and third season NBC carefully removed each and every element that had made the show interesting, making nonsense of a premise and bland stereotypes of its hard-edged/bizarre characters, then cancelled the show abruptly once everyone had deserted its ridiculously bland fourth season; a great shame.

Actors: Chi McBride, Alison La Placa, John Larroquette, Lenny Clarke, Elizabeth Berridge, Gigi Rice, Liz Torres, Daryl Chill Mitchell
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of The John Larroquette Show

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 10: Amends  
    Episode 12: My Hero  
    Episode 13: God  
    Episode 17: Eggs  
    Episode 21: Grit  

Season 2 of The John Larroquette Show

    Episode 1: Changes  
    Episode 7: Vacation  
    Episode 12: The Job  
    Episode 13: Faith  

Season 3 of The John Larroquette Show

    Episode 5: Johns  

Season 4 of The John Larroquette Show

    Episode 5: Copies  
    Episode 11: Friends  
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