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What is Mission: Magic about?
Welcome to the Mission: Magic guide at TV Tome.I'm TammiToon, the editor for this show. Magical teacher,Miss Tickle and her "Adventurers' Club meet everyday after school for meetings and go on exciting adventures with rock `n' roll troubleshooter Rick Springfield,who always contacts them on an old-fashioned grammaphone,then Miss Tickle summons her cat,Tut Tut and draws a magic door on the writing board which sends she and her Adventurers' class (consisting of Franklin,Kim,Socks,Vinnie,Kim, and Harvey) and meet Rick with his owl,Tolamy.Rick Springfield wrote performed all the songs in the series.

Actors: Howard Morris, Rick Springfield, Lane Scheimer, Lola Fisher, Erica Scheimer

Season 1 of Mission: Magic

    Episode 2: Modran  
    Episode 3: Dissonia  
    Episode 6: 2600 A.D  
    Episode 13: Nephren  
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