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What is Silver Spoons about?
Silver Spoons started as a series built around the idea of Ricky Stratton teaching his father Edward to grow up while Edward taught Ricky to be a kid. In the series opening twelve-year-old Ricky arrives at his unsuspecting father's mansion to introduce himself and move in. His mother Evelyn had placed him in military school after she remarried and thought Ricky would be in the way. Edward Stratton III was the epitome of the words "overgrown child" never having taken responsibility for anything in his lifetime. His lifestyle was that of a ten-year-old going as far as having video games and a scale freight train in the livingroom. Needless to say, he was surprised to discover that his seven day marriage to Evelyn Bluedhorn had produced a son. After originally sending Ricky back to boarding school, Edward changed his mind and brought his son home. Throughout the five years Silver Spoons, many changes occurred in the Stratton household. Ricky became a carefree, fun loving teenager whi

Actors: Rick Schroder, Joel Higgins, Alfonso Ribeiro, Erin Gray, Franklyn Seales, Leonard Lightfoot
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Silver Spoons

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Season 2 of Silver Spoons

    Episode 4: Hospital  
    Episode 17: Changes  
    Episode 22: Hi, Mom  

Season 3 of Silver Spoons

Season 4 of Silver Spoons

Season 5 of Silver Spoons

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