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Welcome to the MythQuest guide at TV Tome.
<P> MythQuest is an hour-long family drama
television series featuring two teen
characters, Alex Bellows (Christopher Jacot)
and his wheelchair bound sister Cleo
(Meredith Henderson). They have discovered
a wondrous, heart-pounding secret that
could unravel the cosmic struggle between
good and evil, and, in doing so, reveal what it
truly takes to be a hero.
Like a magic looking glass, a computer
screen becomes a gateway to the kingdom
of myths: a gateway into which their own
father, a celebrated archeologist,
disappeared. Now on a quest to find him,
Alex and Cleo must test their own heroism
as they cross into a cyberworld of mythic
The show is currently airing in Canada on Showcase and on PBS.

Actors: Christopher Jacot, Meredith Henderson, Wendy Anderson, Matthew Walker, Joseph Kell
Season 1
    Episode 4: Orpheus  
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