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WCW Thunder is a Wrestling show produced by W.C.W. It featured wrestlers such as the nWo, Goldberg, etc. When Eric Bischoff and co. decided that the viewers needed another night of wrestling they added Thunder to their programming. The show started off with great ratings, often times surpassing WWE programming. By late 1999/2000, as ratings dropped and storylines were becoming less original, WCW Thunder seemed to be a lesser-type show. In 2001, along with WCW Monday Nitro and all other WCW programs, it was canceled and bought out by WWE programming. Several superstars who wrestled on Thunder before it's cancelation, such as Billy Kidman, Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, and others, can now be seen on WWE Raw (Mondays, Spike TV, 9:00 P.M.) and WWE SmackDown! (Thursdays, UPN, 8:00 P.M.) Status: Canceled (no known reran airings) First Airing: January 16, 1998 Final Airing: March 21, 2001 Cumulative Airings: 146 Color Episodes

Actors: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Jamie Noble, Oscar Gutierrez Gonzales, Chris Klucsaritis, Scott Hall, Jimmy Hart, Elix Skipper, Jerry Toot, David Cash, Yoshihiro Asai, Glenn Gilbertti, Stacy Kiebler, Tonga Fifita, Evan Karagias, Adolfo Tapia, Scott Reichsteiner, Jerry Tuite,
Genre: Drama
Season 1
    Episode :   
    Episode 1: 01/16/98  
    Episode 2: 01/23/98  
    Episode 3: 01/30/98  
    Episode 4: 02/06/98  
    Episode 5: 02/13/98  
    Episode 6: 02/20/98  
    Episode 7: 02/27/98  
    Episode 8: 03/06/98  
    Episode 9: 03/13/98  
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