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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 10 May the Best Man Win

After nine weeks of brutal training, arduous skills challenges and invaluable life lessons at the Tough Enough compound, only two contestants remain. Luke, the pretty boy from Maine impressed the trainers with his confident swagger and athletic prowess. And Andy, the quiet family man from Florida, took the competition by storm when he finally tapped into his silent rage. Away from the compound and back in the real world, these two finalists have been left to their own devices as they prepare for the final showdown. Andy jumped back in to family life, juggling his duties as a family man and preparing for a new baby while trying to maintain a rigorous workout regime. With the help of his wife Lauren, Andy has trained hard and utilized all resources available to him in order push his workout to the limit. Back in Maine, Luke was reunited with his friends and family and continued to live up to his rock 'n' roll lifestyle, partying hard just like he did in the Tough Enough house. But while partying hard, his workouts did not diminish one bit. Taking full advantage of his country surroundings, Luke endured intense outdoor workouts as well as working hard in the ring with his training buddies. Now, these two finalist must leave their friends and family once again and head to the FCW in Tampa, Florida where they will spend one final week in the ring preparing for the match that will determine who is the Tough Enough champion. Greeted by Bill DeMott, Andy and Luke are inspired to learn that their trainer for the week will be WWE hall of famer Ricky 'the Dragon' Steamboat. But their excitement is short lived when Bill delivers the bombshell that, when they step in the ring at the end of the week, they will face him as their opponent. During training, Ricky strategizes with Luke and Andy on how to capitalize on their individual strengths. For Andy he will need to slow it down and concentrate on using his size to his advantage. Luke, on the other hand, will need to rely on his speed and athleticism to pull off some risks against the bigger Bill DeMott. Training is hard, fast and intense and both guys give it their all. But now it's over, there is no more advice to be given, there are no more second chances now. It's down to which guy will deliver the best performance in the ring. On the night of the matches, the arena starts to fill up with excited fans, and backstage the tensions run high as both Luke and Andy psyche themselves up for the task ahead. This is the final showdown and neither one wants to lose. First Luke and then Andy, take to the ring and face off with Bill DeMott. The matches are intense and the crowd cheers them on. Backstage, Bill and Booker tell the two finalists that have much to be proud of, but the ultimate decision lays in the hands of the WWE and Stone Cold who will announce the winner live at RAW...

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