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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 6 It's Getting Down to Nut Cuttin' Time

After surviving elimination, Luke and Christina arrive back at the house. And while Jeremiah is happy to see best-bud Luke, Ivelesse is not pleased to see Christina, who was the cause of her injury. Rattled by what "Stone Cold" Steve Austin said to her in elimination, Christina has doubts about her position in the competition. At training, the contestants are faced with possibly the hardest session to date and everyone takes a beating. When Eric predictably stumbles, Bill and Booker are there to harp on his appalling condition. But even Jeremiah, whose athletically ability has been unrivaled, struggles. With the theme of the week being focus, Steve Austin reiterates how important it is to stay focused on the task at hand because "if your mind is somewhere, you're probably going to screw things up." These turn out to be important words of advice since training is about to advance to working on top of the ropes. Cocky as ever, a reckless Jeremiah jumps the gun and despite having no experience, insists on wanting to take a jump from the top rope. Steve, seeing the potential danger, has no problem reining him in for his own, and others, safety. Christina digs deep and makes a huge comeback in training, impressing the trainers with her fortitude in the ring. Meanwhile, her rival Ivelisse is clearly struggling as her leg injury continues to worsen and by the end of training Bill and Booker find her questioning her ability to continue. At the weekly life lesson, the contestants are forced to use their focus once again when they have to navigate their way around a treacherous ropes course. To help motivate and support them, Steve Austin brings in special guest John Morrison. When Ivelesse's injury threatens to take her out of the game altogether, Morrison becomes instrumental in coaching her through the course. While most contestants complete the course with relative ease, it's a rough day for Eric whose body completely gives out on him. Stuck on the ropes, he flounders like a cat caught in the blinds. To add insult to injury, Christina not only passes him up but steps on him in the process. Determined not to quit, Eric tries to soldier on until Steve eventually has no choice but to call time. A dejected Eric is hoisted to the ground while his fate in the competition hangs in the balance. In the skills challenge, the contestants are forced to use every bit of focus when they are asked to balance on the top four corners of the ring. Unable to even stand, AJ takes a tumble making it one of the worst performances of the day, closely followed by Andy and Eric. For those who didn't fall, the challenge gets harder ? balancing while big cats Eric and Andy run the ropes. Ivelisse holds on just long enough to beat Christina but by the end it is down to Jeremiah and Luke to be the last men standing. Their challenge is to go head to head in a drill from training involving elbow drops from the ropes. Finally, Jeremiah's greenness catches up to him and he slams the dummy the wrong way. Although he tries to save the mistake with a crazy aerial maneuver it's too late and the win goes to Luke. After deliberating on the best and worst, Steve announces the bottom three: Eric, Ivelisse and AJ Back at the house the talk turns to elimination. Both Eric and AJ are convinced that Ivelisse is sure to be going home. And at elimination they are proved right when her injury takes her out the game. As a wave of relief passes over Eric and AJ, Steve pulls out a wild card and delivers a shock double elimination, getting rid of Eric too.

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