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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 4 110 Pound Elephant in the Room

After Steve dismisses her from elimination, Rima returns to the house to tell the other contestants that Ryan and his rival Mickael are still in the ring, fighting it out in a promo duel. When Ryan (AKA "Skidmark") walks in, the group is stunned that he has survived yet another elimination. Later that night, Rima gets what she asked for a one-on-one midnight training session with Bill. However, it turns out to be more than she bargained for as Bill puts her through a grueling workout that exposes her lack of training. Rima is pushed to the breaking point but tearfully tells Bill that she doesn't want to quit. Bill offers encouragement, but Rima goes back to the house bruised and shaken. The next day at the training center, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin introduces the theme of agility. To bring the point home, he introduces his favorite opponent and WWE Legend, Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The Cast is in awe listening to the words of a season veteran. Training that day is a series of leaps over the top rope of the ring. The entire cast fumbles miserably with the drill, except for Luke and Jeremiah. While Luke isn't surprised that he and Jeremiah did so well, the coaches are surprised that the rest of the cast did so poorly. They have an uphill battle to learn the lesson of agility. The next day, Bill wakes up the house and sends them to meet Trish. They arrive at Friscoe's, a 50's style dinner and are told that they will be working as waiters and waitresses all day on roller-skates. While many of the guys, especially 6'6" Eric, fumble and fall as they try to learn to skate, it's Rima who excels at this life lesson. She zips around successfully serving customers and perhaps improving her chances for staying. After a long day on the skates, the cast is treated to free drinks and the party gets rowdy as Luke and Jeremiah put on a show on the dance floor. Meanwhile, Andy sits quietly in the corner keeping a promise to his family to stay straight edge and focused throughout the competition. At the Skills Challenge the next day, the cast is given a sequence of moves to perform to test their agility. If they cannot perform well, they'll be eliminated from the challenge. First up is Rima who still hasn't grasped the most rudimentary of maneuvers and is thrown out of the ring by Bill. The rest of the cast shows various stages of improvement and it comes down to Andy, Martin and Luke. Andy is frustrated when he is next out, wondering what he has to do to break into the top ranks. Once again, Martin outshines Luke in the final round and wins the challenge. Arrogant Luke thinks the trainers are playing mind games with him and won't even shake Martin's hand. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin takes the trainers into deliberate the final three. While there were some standouts like Martin, there are some big disappointments including the "110 pound elephant in the room." Steve Austin returns to announce the bottom three. He calls Rima's name then tells her he's not going to call anyone else. The shocked cast looks on as he eliminates Rima on the spot. She pleads her case but Austin's mind is made up. A dejected Rima heads back to the house to pack up her bags. After saying goodbye, she brings Steve Austin her Tough Enough belt. Despite her drawbacks in the ring, Austin tells her that there are other ways to break into the business and she may still have a bright future. After a Stone Cold hug, Rima leaves disappointed but not defeated.

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