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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 2 Five for Flinching

After surviving elimination, Eric and Michelle come back to the house and tell the other contestants how difficult the grilling from Stone Cold Steve Austin was. Reality hits the remaining 13 that the stakes are high as they compete to become the next WWE Superstar. The next day at the training center, Steve Austin introduces courage as the theme for this week's challenges. If the contestants are afraid to get hurt and take risks, they'll have no chance in the WWE. Trish Stratus puts Matt, a ten-year pro, through a personality drill. She's so impressed with him, she sends him to the ring for an exhibition match with the cocky but capable Luke. But Matt fades into the background as Luke takes total control of the match and shines instead. Ryan struggles during training, incurring the wrath of Bill DeMott who likes nothing about "Skidmarks." Miss USA Rima gets a real culture shock when she takes her first hard bumps and body slams in the ring. John Cena, the top WWE Superstar in the world, arrives to watch training and give advice about how to succeed in the business. Outside of training, Luke forms a fast friendship with southern livewire Jeremiah. The drunken antics of their bromance lightens the mood and entertains their fellow housemates. On the other side of the equation, Ryan and Mike won't ever be friends. Thinking Ryan is too nice and soft, Mike kicks off their feud by teasing him about writing letters to his girlfriend. The next day, Steve Austin really puts the courage of the contestants to the test when he brings them outside to try to outrun police attack dogs. Steve and Bill take great pleasure in watching the cast get taken down one by one. But it's Miss USA Rima and big Andy who take the hardest hits when the trained dogs bite into their protective gear. Surprisingly, Eric excels at the challenge, singing and skipping to the finish line as a dog tries to bite through the protective gear. Miss USA Rima is 20 minutes late for to the skills challenge, raising red flags about her commitment for the trainers. In the skills challenge, the contestants' courage is pushed to the limits. They will be squashed in the corner and then body slammed 5 times by the 300 pounds plus Bill. It's an agonizing and bruising exercise that shows how physically demanding the business is. After deliberating on the best and worst, Steve announces the Bottom Three ? Ryan, Rima and, the veteran Matt. In the ring, Steve Austin grills Rima about her lateness but concedes her mental toughness. While Ryan might be too nice for the business it's Matt saying that he's "waiting for his moment" that seals his fate. Matt pleads as Steve Austin takes his belt but it's too late ? Matt missed his chance and he's going home.

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