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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 8 Episode 43

Tough Enough begins with Al Snow in the ring with the four remaining Tough Enough contestants. Al asks Ryan Reeves if he wants to leave the show because he has two broken ribs. He says no. Then we watch a clip (30 seconds max) of each contestant saying who they would vote off. Three of them voted for Daniel Puder (jelous?) and he voted for Justice Smith. The three want Puder off because he is the most poular of the bunch. This does not mean he will win though because Carmella of the Raw Diva Search got ""voted off"" by he fellow contestants and later lost. Al announces the task of the night as having the Tough Enough contestants dress as women. Later they came out dressed as woman. Al Snow told them that they had to make Hardcore Holly think they are the best woman. Mike M wins. It is announced that at the next WWE pay-per-view, it will be the final two contestants against eachother in a boxing match (Daniel Puder's specialty).

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