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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 2 Episode 38

All of seven of the Tough Enough contestants went into the WWE locker room. Big Show said they didn'y pay their dues and they had to leave the locker room. He pushed Daniel puder into a locker. The seven guys and Al Snow cam out to the ring. Al introduced them all. All of the seven guys had a personel message to the Big Show in the ring. After the seven gave Big Show his personel message, Al Snow said they could now do it to his face. Then the Big Show gave each guy a body slam! The Big Show even gave Justice Smith an extra elbow drop for the fun of it. He also gave some other guy a knee drop to teach him respect. Later in the show, it is discussed why there are only seven contestants tonight instead of the planned eight. John Meyer, quit during the first and second episode.

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