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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 8 Revenge and Regrets

This week's episode of Tough Enough was highlighted by a trip to Iceland, but prior to leaving for the trip, the cast decided it was payback time for Jonah. Upset with rib he pulled on them last week, the cast poured laxative into his protein shake. Unknowing, Jonah swallowed the whole drink down. The cast and trainers then sat back and watched as Jonah was doubled over in pain. Finally, he had reached the boiling point. After getting to the bathroom just in time, he realized that there was no toilet paper. In an attempt to continue the rib, Al Snow unraveled an entire roll of paper and passed Jonah three sheets. Finally when Jonah came out of the bathroom, the cast let him in on the rib. Everybody had a good laugh at his expense. The entire crew then set off for Iceland. While there, they trained outside in the cold. But inside, where it was warm, was where all the action was... at least that was the case for Eric. He found a girl at a local night club. After they swapped spit on the

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