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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 4 Cracking Up and Getting Cut

For the first time this season, Al Snow, Bill DeMott, Ivory and Big made a cut, sending the 6' 10"" Chad back home to Wisconsin. According to the trainers, as well as some of the cast members, Chad just wasn't picking up the in-ring work. Plus, his charisma was lacking. As a result, Chad was cut, leaving only 10 Tough Enough contestants. As usual, Scott found himself getting into some trouble this week on Tough Enough. In addition to engaging in an ethnic/religious war with Rebekah, he also had a few too many drinks during the cast's night out. In fact, Scott had so many drinks, that an ambulance was called. Near lifeless, Scott rested in a puddle of his own urine as EMTs attempted to help him. Luckily while at the hospital, Scott received the attention he needed. Embarrassed, he returned to the house the next morning. Rebekah's Christianity was also a large focus of the show this past week. The pretty WWE hopeful was heard several times saying that she does not have the Christian fello

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