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Watch WWE Tough Enough online: Episode 3 Dropping Like Flies

Like last week, Scott managed to annoy everybody in the house on this week's episode of Tough Enough. His biggest target was Jamie. On top of calling her and a few of the guys in the house faggots, he also asked her a very personal question -- ""have you ever used a female condom?"" It was later learned that Jamie's dislike for Scott comes from when he saw her naked. Apparently, Scott just barged into the bathroom without knocking when Jamie was getting into the shower. Scott also managed to get on Eric and Jonah's nerves. The two guys made a bet with him, stating that if he was able to score a girl's phone number while out on the town, they would go to the beach the next day in bikinis. If he failed, however, Scott would have to do the act. Unfortunately for Eric and Jonah, Scott was able to pull two phone numbers. Eric and Jonah tried to talk their way out of the bet, but Scott wasn't budging. Later in the show, Scott tore a ligament in his hand. The injury should keep him out of actio

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