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Watch Late Night with Conan OBrien online: Episode 30 The White Stripes

Conan thanks the audience for the massive applause at the start of this final episode. John Mayer is seen in a video greeting warning Conan in song, "L.A.'s Gonna Eat You Alive." Conan shows a clip in which he releases Abe Vigoda into the wild. Conan shows a clip of his visit to an old-time baseball team that plays according to 1864 rules. Conan demolishes another piece of the set and has it taken backstage to be cut up and distributed to the audience. Will Ferrell enters as George W. Bush and praises Conan, then strips down to a leprechaun outfit. Conan shows a clip of a practical joke on Andy Richter, and then Andy himself shows up. Conan shows a montage of comedic moments from the show and then another one. The White Stripes perform the song "We're Going to Be Friends." Conan thanks the staff and crew, the Max Weinberg 7, Joel Godard, the writers, Lorne Michaels, key people at NBC, David Letterman, Jay Leno, the people of New York City, executive producer Jeff Ross, his wife and children, his parents, his brother, and the audience.

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