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Jackie Chan is now a cartoon character in his very own television series, battling to obtain the 12 magic talismans, each containing its very own power. He and his Uncle get a visit from Jackie's niece - Jade - and that's when Jackie finds out about Section 13 and the magic talismans which the Dark Hand are trying to retrieve to free the trapped Dragon, Shendu, from his prison of stone, so he will give them the lost treasure of Shen Che Hun. Jackie Chan defeated the Dark Hand almost every time, so Shendu had to use his own allies - The Shadowkhan - to help them destroy Jackie Chan. All the talismans that were found were placed in high security in Section 13. While Jackie continued to obtain each and every talisman, the Dark Hand also tried to figure out where Section 13 was located to steal the talismans and continue searching for the remaining stones. Soon, all of the talismans were collected and Shendu was freed from his stone form. Now, he was able to roam the Earth and destroy all

Actors: Adam Baldwin, Clancy Brown, Michael Rosenbaum, Miguel Ferrer, Miguel Sandoval, Julian Sands, Jackie Chan, James Hong, Glenn Shadix, Jim Cummings, Noah Nelson, Andrew Abelson, Susan Eisenberg, Franco Velez, James Sie, Sab Shimono, John DiMaggio, Stacie Chan
Genre: Kids
Imdb: click here
Season 1 (watch here)
Season 2 (watch here)
Season 3 (watch here)
Season 4
    Episode 12: Deja Vu  
Season 5 (watch here)
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