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What is Blue Seed about?
Momiji Fujimiya, is just an ordinary fifteen year old girl living in Izumo, so she thought. Her twin sister Kaede, supposed died putting the aragami to sleep. The aragami awoke and all of them are after the Kushinada princess to kill her so they would not have to be put to sleep for thousands of years by her sacrifing herslef. With the help of her guardian and protector, Mamoru Kusanagi, and the TAC, Momiji can fight off the aragami and save Japan.

Actors: Tiffany Grant, Rob Mungle, Amanda Winn Lee, Yuji Ueda, Jason Lee, Yûji Ueda, Allison Keith, Kurt Stoll, Sharon Shawnessy, Marcy Rae
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation


Season 1 of Blue Seed

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