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Welcome to the Jackson's Wharf guide at TV Tome. Mention the name Jackson on Kaupapa Peninsula, and any local will nod sagely - then ask which one you're after. Jackson is a name that's been part of this community since 1844. Jackson's Wharf is a small coastal town about two hours from the nearest city. Local police sergeant Frank Jackson rules the community roost, and things around Jackson's Wharf are usually done his way. But when his hot-shot brother Ben moves his children back to the town, the sibling rivalry between the pair threatens to affect everyone around them. Even Though Jackson's Wharf is no longer on air, it is still a show that included many aspects of New Zealand culture, and showed us what it would be like to live in a small town.

Actors: Joel Tobeck, Nicole Whippy, Katherine Hubbard, Elisa Ashenden, Morgan Fairhead, Brett Coutts, Clint Eruera, Frank Tresevant, Dominque Crawford, Peter Hammill, Rachel Wallis, Rema Smith, Dominique Crawford, Paul McLaughlin, Daniel Meade, Sara Wiseman, Stephen Whittaker,
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