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Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is having a typical day. He's cutting class, arguing with teachers, and getting into fistfights with his rival Kuwabara. But when Yusuke dives in front of a speeding car to save a little boy, things take an unexpected twist! As a result of his self-sacrifice, Yusuke is taken to the Spirit World where he meets Koenma, a 700 year-old ruler with the body of a toddler - pacifier and all! There's no room for laughs, as Koenma gives Yusuke an ordeal that could restore his life - or end all chances for revival. Yusuke has reclaimed his life, but has only one

Actors: Christopher R. Sabat, Bill Townsley, Shigeru Chiba, Nozomu Sasaki, Jerry Jewell, Robert McCollum, Sanae Miyuki, Wendy Powell, Pariksi Fakhri, Sean Teague, Nobuyuki Hiyama, Tanaka Mayumi, Connie Booth, Dameon Clarke, John Burgmeier, Cynthia Cranz, Kimberly Grant, Chuck
Genre: Animation
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode : Opening 1  
Season 2
    Episode : Opening 2  
    Episode 99:   
Season 3
    Episode : Opening 3  
    Episode 28: Topside  
Season 4
    Episode : Opening 4  
    Episode 17: Closure  
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