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Welcome to the Riverboat guide at TV Tome.<br>Riverboat was an adventure series set in the 1840's aboard a 100-foot-long-stern-wheeler called the 'Enterprise' that traveled up and down the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers. The riverboat was owned by Captain Grey Holden (played by Darren McGavin) who had won the boat in a poker game and then determined to make a success of it. Stories revolved around the passengers and personal lives of the crew members.<br>
In the beginning, Burt Reynolds had a co-starring role as the boat pilot Ben Frazer (he and McGavin are pictured at right), but he was written out in the middle of the first season. Cub-pilot Terry Blake then took over as pilot, but was replaced in the second season by Bill Blake who had bought 49 percent of the 'Enterprise' and was out to take controlling interest. The series ended after a brief forty-four episodes.

Actors: Noah Beery Jr., Darren McGavin, Jack Lambert, Mike McGreevey, Jack Mitchum, Dick Wessel, Bart Patton, William D. Gordon, Burt Reynolds, Dan Duryea
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 12: Zigzag  
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