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EBONY, sound asleep, dreams of ZOOT. He orders EBONY to greet him when the shadows come at noon. Unbeknown to EBONY, she's in fact wearing a Paradise Headset, with JAVA writing the program. To JAVA's surprise, a curious ELLIE sees everything. In Liberty, RAM is ropeable. LEX knows too much and could destroy everything. RAM needs him deleted, but SLADE wants no part of it. In another room, LEX awakes, handcuffed to a bed. SLADE has no intention of releasing him, just in case LEX has plans to go tell RAM's enemies where he is hiding. At the Mall, TRUDY is concerned that AMBER may have spoken with JAY and expressed her true feelings. JAY avoids TRUDY's questions with business. Meanwhile, AMBER is both puzzled and disturbed by JAY's reaction to her. But TRUDY is in no mood for sympathy, she has her own problems to deal with. MAY talks to JACK in an attempt to see what he knows. JACK is convinced that the holograms and a ZOOT double are the foundations for the crisis. He's even more certain

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