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LEX and JAY are on the run from the Zootists. JAY's arm is hurt but he insists on re-entering the building in search of the missing JACK. At the zoo, EBONY toys with the guards who allowed SLADE to escape. SLADE watches the action from afar. He is joined by KIP, the zoo keeper who agrees not to blow his cover. SALENE and AMBER have reached the Eco Camp. HAWK welcomes them but immediately he is told of Pride's death. SALENE explains the reason for their visit and HAWK agrees to accept the talisman and hold a ceremony in honour of PRIDE. LEX and JAY re-enter the building and find three marks in the dust of a blown out window; signs of the tripod of a holographic projector. They find JACK cowering in a corner, vowing that he has seen and touched the real ZOOT. In Liberty, RUBY offers RAM some books to read. RAM almost admits to RUBY who he is. RUBY advises him against holding in a lot of hate and pent up anger. At the Eco Camp, the memorial ceremony to PRIDE is being led by HAWK. As part

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