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It is Pride's funeral and The Tribe stand at his graveside. Salene makes a brave, pertinent speech; although is barely able to contain herself emotionally. MAY is feeling guilty and grief stricken. Unaware of the complexity of MAY's feelings, TRUDY does her best to comfort her. EBONY and her sisters drive through a mass of supporters in the city, with JAVA barking instructions to pledge their allegiance to EBONY. Back in the hotel, MEGA watches the action on a monitor, and notifies a bound and terrified STATS that ""we're going to rule over the city."" SLADE provides some old computer equipment for RAM to use and RAM immediately feels more at home, wrestling some of the power advantage off SLADE. RAM gets the gear up and running and SLADE guesses correctly that RAM's disability was caused by an accident in reality space. On their return into the city, SALENE thanks a guilty feeling MAY for trying to get her released. Salene obviously does not realise the truth, how MAY suggested to the g

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