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The city streets are deserted and dishevelled, the result of the overthrow of the Technos and the ensuing riots. ZOOT's police car, with the windows blacked out, screams through the city streets. Zoot related graffitti starts appearing throughout the city. AMBER nurses BABY BRAY and vows to find his father. In Liberty, RAM regains consciousness and accuses SLADE of taking him into a virtual world. SLADE soon puts him in his place and tells him to rest up. SLADE chats with saloon proprietor RUBY and the two share a crossword puzzle. AMBER asks JAY if he will help look for BRAY. JAY agrees. They persuade MEGA to let them search for BRAY on the computer. JAY finds records of BRAY but he is deleted. AMBER is subsequently heartbroken and lays blame at JAY for his involvement with the Technos. SIVA continues to give LEX a hard time about his preoccupation with TAISAN. An argument ensues. Later, SIVA visits EBONY in order to have a sisterly chat, SIVA complaining about LEX's pursuit of TAISAN

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