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PRIDE vows that he won't let his ""illness"" beat him. MOUSE zaps SAMMY, but SIVA gets in the way. SIVA takes a painful tumble. PRIDE gets angry at MOUSE for trying to hurt SAMMY. The sick girl is responding to the medication that PATCH gave her, but the hospital needs more supplies. MAY thinks she's in a new game, one with PRIDE in it. SAMMY gives MOUSE a strip of red cloth so she can be identified as part of the ‘Reds' – their team in the Game. They want to play again. A sick EBONY is angry that RAM and VED are going to fight in reality-space. EBONY knows that JAVA has been spending time with JAY. City leader SALENE asks EBONY for more medical supplies. EBONY won't help. JAVA asks VED not to fight RAM. But VED goes ahead with the fight against RAM in a reality-space arena. They fight with sabres. It's a fierce battle, but RAM has the upper hand. VED gets hurt, but not destroyed. RAM demands to see EBONY despite her sickness. The Mall Rats discuss what VED might do next. Perhaps he migh

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