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LEX paces his prison cell. SIVA learns from VED that LEX's next stage in the computer program is total immersion. The Technos promote the new CityNet throughout the city. MOUSE and SAMMY collect pc's for the Mall. They want everyone to be able to watch CityNet. SIVA tells a grateful DEE of what she knows about LEX. VED gives CLOE an all access Techno pass. CLOE isn't feeling that well. The Mall Rats debate the merits of CityNet. Should they let CityNet in to their home? MOUSE is excited about the imminent broadcast. MOUSE and SAMMY set up CityNet in CLOE's room but she doesn't want it. She wants to be left alone. DEE panics about LEX's fate. AMBER says she can't help. The tribal leaders turn their back on PRIDE. They now see benefits of the Techno invasion. After some thought AMBER resolves to help LEX. TRUDY isn't happy about the decision. She wants to be with her daughter BRADY. LEX is put through his paces. JAY can't, or won't, help AMBER rescue LEX. CLOE thinks she is pregnant. She

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