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The Mall Rats prepare to leave the Mall behind due to the possibility of various infected people coming to them for the antidote, but Tai-San saves the day by showing everyone the antidote that she had made herself from various herbs. The tribe is reluctant to accept the fact that Tai-San will be the only person to know the formula, but they decide to go along with it and they leave the following day to collect plants for Tai-San. Alice is angry when the antidote doesn't seem to help Ellie. Trudy is still jealous over Bray and Danni's budding friendship. Tai-San, Jack and Dal work on setting up a lab. Ebony has a secret proposition for Lex, who is overjoyed when the virus retracts. He is, however, reminded by everyone that it will keep coming back unless he continues taking the antidote. Spike and the rest of the Locos infiltrate the Mall and take Salene hostage while looking for the antidote. Cloe and Patsy are heartbroken when Spike severely hurts Bob the dog in the process. Ebony makes a proposition for Spike and the others to work for the Mall Rats as security in exchange for constant doses of the antidote, and they agree to go along with it. During the night, someone grabs Lex's throat.

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