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Tai-San claims she can create the antidote from herbs, leaving everyone unaware that she had read the papers that contained the formula and burned them. Lex is at a breaking point. At the farm, Alice worries about her little sister Ellie when she returns from the city with the virus. Bray asks Jack to help analyze what's left of the antidote, but when they attempt to leave the Mall, they're blocked by a group of infected people looking for the antidote. Tai-San decides to recreate the antidote on her own. Lex learns that Bray has a little antidote left and he drinks it, leaving Bray worried that their last hope had just diminished. The Mall is filled with angry people looking for the antidote, so KC and Lex prepare a fake antidote to calm the masses. Alice also appears at the Mall looking for help, and even Ebony's old pal Spike gives it a try. Ebony gives Bray a warning not to cross her in the future. The Guardian and his people approach the city.

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