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LEX, having been thrown out of the LOCO HQ to die, narrowly avoids capture at the well-protected hands of the anti-virus snatch squad. Back at the LOCO HQ, EBONY tries to convince BRAY that beneath the tough veneer she is all tenderness and sensitivity - all she wants is one more chance ... A desperate AMBER suggests a desperate plan to get her BRAY back, but the others deem it far too risky. Unless they come up with an alternative she`s likely to do the mission, solo - and get caught. Fortunately, RYAN and DAL have a marginally less risky idea involving a remote-controlled toy helicopter and a camera: their plan could mean the difference between life and death ... if it works. SALENE gets paranoid, but not menopausal. TAI-SAN reassures her she doesnít have the virus. LEX gets the better of a lone snatch squad member. SALENE finds a way to keep the youngsters happy, but AMBER isn`t in the mood. The trip-wire in the Sewers is triggered off, and the culprit isnít harm

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