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LEX awakens in the city. Determined to follow TAI-SAN`s holistic cure and rid himself of the dreaded virus, he is a changed man - honest, courageous, and compassionate... Despite the danger, LEX sets off to find, and rescue, KC. Inside the Mall, RYAN consoles the traumatised ZANDRA - she was just LEX`s plaything! With her marriage turned upside-down, she lets RYAN in on a big secret - and it`s only going to get bigger. Meanwhile, LEX struggles with his own internal growth as he searches for the gambling den. If he beats up everyone who`s unco-operative, he`ll mess up his karma and jeopardise the cure. Looks like the old LEX isn`t quite dead and buried after all. The Tribe worry about KC`s well-being - and their own. Any self-respecting thug would be eager to track down KC`s source of supply - both pigs and replenishable batteries come in mighty useful. But would KC spill the beans? Most definitely! LEXís gallant rescue mission isn`t going well. The gambling den`s mi

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