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LEX is still sulking about AMBER undermining his leadership - and now he`s facing insubordination from the other boys as well as the girls! TRUDY has seen the light - doting on BRADY may be the way to Uncle BRAY`s heart. SALENE, not surprisingly, knows just how TRUDY is thinking - and is very distressed to be toppled from her role as primary caregiver. AMBER holds firm - SALENE must give BRAY and TRUDY a chance to work it out. DAL and JACK work on connecting up the watertank. They`re making progress - but they`re out of wire. RYAN has a wonderfully creative solution ... LEX, in a fit of pique, decides that since the calf isn`t providing milk, it must become steak instead. But at the moment of truth, he is more sensitive and New Age than macho. Since he can`t bring himself to kill the calf and he can`t bring himself to confess to this weakness either, LEX releases Bluebell and charges back to the others with a ridiculous story about being chased by the Locos

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