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The following day. Bray has still not returned. TRUDY cannot feed the BABY - and she is getting more and more ill. LEX maliciously suggests that BRAY has gone to fetch the LOCUSTS. AMBER implements a rationing system for food and water. LEX bullies JACK into giving him and RYAN double the water ration. PATSY and PAUL raid JACK`S food store and eat so many sweets they make themselves sick. Some fast talking is required to keep the food store secret! BRAY finds some useful baby items in a warehouse, but becomes trapped as the DEMON DOGS turn up and settle in for a solid day`s carousing. TRUDY`s condition worsens. AMBER and DAL search the looted Mall in vain for antibiotics. DAL starts out on a highly dangerous mission to his father`s surgery at the abandoned hospital. BRAY finally returns, much to SALENE`s delight. AMBER is less easily pleased - she fiercely demands that BRAY take more responsibility for TRUDY and the BABY.

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