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CLOE is found wandering the streets of the burnt-out city by AMBER and DAL. LEX, RYAN and ZANDRA meet with ZOOT, leader of the notorious LOCUSTS - but their negotiations to join the gang turn sour. They make a narrow escape: their companion GLEN is taken prisoner, and not seen again. CLOE leads AMBER and DAL to her companions SALENE, PATSY, PAUL and their dog BOB. LEX, RYAN and ZANDRA approach the newly-formed group, aiming to steal their food - but are set upon once more by the LOCUSTS. AMBER`s group hide in a nearby shopping mall. The LOCUSTS are distracted by the appearance of a rival gang, the DEMON DOGS - and LEX, ZANDRA and RYAN escape once again, this time to pursue AMBER`s group into the Mall. As they advance threateningly, they are caged between the security grille doors by JACK, who claims to own the Mall. JACK invites the others to sleep in the furniture shop. As captors and captives settle down for the night, we see BRAY moving silently through t

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