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Welcome to The Kraft Television Theatre guide at TV Tome.
This live anthology drama series was the first weekly commercial network program. From May to December 1947, NBC aired the show on Wednesday, 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.; for the rest of its run, it was broadcast on Wednesday, 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. From 1953 to 1955, another series of the same name was shown on ABC concurrently with the one on NBC. For a short time in 1958, the series abandoned its anthology format and ran with recurring characters and situations. From April to September 1958, the show was known as "Kraft Mystery Theatre."
This program was a prestigious showcase for its sponsor, Kraft, winning many awards and becoming a Wednesday night institution. By the end of its run, more than 650 plays, drama and comedy productions, both original and adaptations for TV, had been presented. One of the most awarded episodes was "Patterns" written by Rod Serling and directed by Fielder Cook with performances from Ed Begley

Actors: Charles Stark, Ed Herlihy
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 18: Miranda  
    Episode 51: Bedelia  
Season 3
    Episode 19: Kelly  
    Episode 34: Macbeth  
    Episode 40: Noah  
    Episode 42: Jeannie  
Season 4
    Episode 7: Sixteen  
    Episode 10: Windows  
    Episode 16: Kelly  
    Episode 21: Engaged  
    Episode 46: Old Doc  
Season 5
    Episode 2: The Wren  
    Episode 9: Justice  
    Episode 36: The Inn  
Season 6
    Episode 18: Duet  
Season 7
    Episode 13: Gavin  
Season 8
    Episode 9: Emma  
    Episode 10: Camille  
    Episode 11: Career  
    Episode 25: Jeannie  
    Episode 40: The Mob  
    Episode 41: Impasse  
Season 9
    Episode 5: One  
    Episode 23: Bobbie  
    Episode 35: Box 704  
Season 10
    Episode 50: Triumph  
Season 11
    Episode 12: Polka  
    Episode 17: Eddie  
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