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The longest running show in broadcast history, Irna Phillip's The Guiding Light has captivated its viewers for well over half a century on two different mediums (Starting in radio in 1937, the show then transfered to television in 1952). Over the years, "GL" has epitomized Phillip's unique style of writing. While other shows plunged their viewers into a fantasy realm, "GL" told stories deeply rooted in everyday life, each tale an accurate portrait of society. Through its doors have passed the famous: Kevin Bacon, James Earl Jones, Wendy Moniz, Calista Flockhart, and many others. Those looking for the secret behind the show's amazing longevity need look no farther then the shows ability to adapt to fit the times. While the show has changed its focus over the years, the one overriding theme has remained the same that through family, friends, and faith, one can find hope, "light" in even the darkest of situations.

Actors: Nancy St. Alban, Crystal Chappell, Nia Long, Josh Taylor, Frank Grillo, Stephanie Gatschet, Linda Dano, Beth Ehlers, Scott Bailey, Gina Tognoni, Fiona Hutchison, Vincent Irizarry, Yvonna Wright, Brittany Snow, Amy Carlson, Ellen Dolan, Jesse Soffer, Sherry Stringfield,
Genre: Soap
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