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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 7 In Safe Hands

Andrew's best mate Phil from Liverpool comes to stay with he and Kirsty. Andrew tells Kirsty that he and Phil don't have that much in common anymore. He says they have drifted apart. Will, Kate and Erica have supper together. Erica is obviously envious of Will's growing affection for Kate. Pat Hewland returns to The Beeches. She tells Will and Erica that the FHSA have changed their minds about reducing The Beeches to a two partner practice. Since they have taken on a lot of Phillip Ramsden's patients they are pushing them back to a three partner practice. Russ is pushing Kim for a dinner date. She agrees - anything for a quiet life! Will tells Andrew that he and Erica would like to offer him the partnership. Andrew is surprised but says it sounds good. Although he still has to talk it over with Kirsty. Andrew's patient Roy Bennet has a tumor on his liver. He decides he doesn't want an operation that carries a great risk with it. Andrew thinks Roy should have the operation and pushes Ro

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