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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 4 Looking Back

Chloe's short temper alarms Gary who doesn't know why she is acting so strangely. Chloe has found a lump and is scared that her cancer has come back. Andrew tells her that he will perform a test first thing tomorrow morning. Will lends Erica his car to go shopping. He is horrified when she picks up a a hitchhiker who is on his way to Cardale. Will is not happy when at home he unpacks his shopping and finds his bottle of whisky gone! Laura finds the hitchhiker asleep on the side of the road and takes him to The Beeches for a shower on condition that he sees a doctor. Will sees him and diagnoses a chest infection. He advises he keep of the booze - especially the whisky! Erica gets a shock when her ex boyfriend Dan arrives. He asks her to have dinner with him and she reluctantly agrees. Chloe gets the all clear. The lump was a cyst. Andrew tells her she was right to be concerned because of her history. She tells him she and James haven't told Gary about her cancer because they don't w

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