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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 3 New Horizons

Erica loses her keys. She goes round to Wills to get the master set. He is missing Tony and Julian and asks her if she'd like to stay for a drink but she says no, she has paperwork to catch up on. Kim asks Will how he is coping without the boys - he tells her he is slowly getting used to it. He is touched by her concern. Erica asks Andrew for a favour. She has flooded the bathroom at the cottage and managed to blow a fuse. She doesn't know how to fix it and doesn't want to tell Will. He agrees to go to the hardware store with her. Will tells them he is off to have lunch with Kate. Andrew asks if relations between them have improved after the night cover disagreement – Will says actually Kate is alright once you get to know her. Andrew helps Erica fix the fuse. He tells her he has noticed that she likes Will, he says she should hold a housewarming party in order to woo Will! Whilst out Andrew and Erica attend to Jill, a pregnant lady who has collapsed in the town. They find out her G.P

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