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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 15 Other Lives

Jack, Beth and Will attend the solicitors to sign an agreement which allows Will to leave the partnership 5 months earlier then the contract states. They later have dinner and Beth is upset by Will saying she's settled in Cardale. Andrew moves out of The Manor and into Lauras as Chloe and James are preparing for their final foster care meeting. They attend the meeting and are overjoyed when the committee tell them they have approved their application to become foster parents. Will pays his last visit to Alice North. She tells him he was just shaping up to being a good doctor and now he is running off to an office job. He says goodbye and reminds her to keep taking her pills. She says yes before she watches him walk down her path...... for the last time? Jack and Beth become caught up in a family scandal. Jacks patient Vanessa Machin (played by Susannah Corbett who went on to become Beeches Physio Kerri) is a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer and is trying to move into her own place. For this

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