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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 13 Nobody's Fault

Distance grows between Jack and Beth as he tries his best to reach out to her. He tells Will that he's planning to take her away for he weekend. Will and Andrew are happy to look after the surgery in their absence. However Jacks plans are thwarted when Beth and Andrew take overdose patient David Frankland to the hospital. Beth praises Andrew for keeping calm in the situation and says he can take David on as his patient as he is good with him. Beth and Andrew return to The Beeches where Jack swiftly whisks Beth away. David's wife visits Andrew and asks him to help David as she has left him. Andrew lends more then just a a hand when he pays to stop David's furniture from being repossessed. Beth asks Jack why he has brought her away. He tells her it's because they haven't done much talking since they lost the baby. Their thoughts are interrupted by Beth's mobile - it's Andrew asking for advice on David. Jack walks away but Beth catches up with him and says she is glad they are here. Andr

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