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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 12 Giving Up

Joe Rawlings returns to Cardale and declares to his parents that he has come home to get better; to kick his drug habit. Joe visits John Reginald at The Health Centre and asks him to help him get off the drugs. Reginald refuses as he's tried to help Joe many times before. Beth is trying to write a speech for the impending G.P's dinner; despite his jokes Jack assures her she'll be fine. Will asks Jack and Beth if he can have tomorrow morning of as the Ear, Nose and Throat unit are down a consultant. Jack and Beth agree but are concerned that Will is growing away from The Beeches. Alice slips in her back yard and hurts her arm. Andrew treats her and puts her arm in a sling. Alice tells Andrew that she is trying to find someone to help her catch a fox that has been terrorising her hens - he asks her not to kill the fox and says if she gives him 48 hours he will sort the fox out himself. Chloe asks Jack if she and James can come and see him in the surgery tomorrow. Its nothing medical, Chl

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