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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 11 Bedside Manner

Beth and her friend Rose Godfrey go horse riding. Rose guesses that Beth is pregnant. Beth tells her that both she and Jack are delighted. Trevor is worried when he is informed that he is getting a visit from the Independent Drugs Committee. Beth assures him the committee exist to advise not to criticise. Will says he will be fine so long as he hasn't been 'cooking the books' - Trevor does not find that comment funny. Will stuns The Beeches crew when he announces he's got himself some work at the ear, nose and throat department at the infirmary. Jack and Beth are surprised as Will didn't even tell them he was interviewing for such a post. Andrew sees Rose Godfrey and changes her prescription. Jack is not happy about it and doesn't think Andrew examined Rose well enough. He suggests they go and see her to carry out a more detailed examination. They discover Rose has an aneurysm. Jack uses his 'softly softly' approach with Rose and Andrew criticises him for it. He thinks Jack should've t

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