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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 10 Walking Away

After the local football match which the sees the Cardale team defeated, Will joins Jack for a drink at The Manor. They discuss the new trainee who is arriving tomorrow. Will is still not convinced that a trainee is the right thing for The Beeches. Chloe and James welcome their new lodger to the pub; Dr Andrew Attwood - The Beeches trainee. Jack arrives home to find Beth has prepared a lovely meal for them both. As Jack tucks into his food, Beth sits nervously until Jack asks her if she's aright. The look in her eye says it all and Jack guesses that she has the news they have been waiting for - she's pregnant! They are both gloriously happy but agree to keep it secret for a little while. Chloe asks James to collect Sarah-Jane from nursery, she is worried about him as he doesn't appear to be completely 'with it' at the moment. Andrew arrives at The Beeches. Will introduces him to Jack and Beth who are caught having a romantic moment mid baby natter! Trevor calls a meeting to welcome And

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