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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 8 Ill Winds

A freak storm hits Cardale. The Beeches crew head to The Manor for a pub quiz minus Will who is playing happy families for Julian's birthday and Kim who has broken her leg! The Beeches team of Jack, Laura and Trevor take on The Farmers and fail miserably. Meanwhile Will and Sarah enjoy a family party with the boys. Both events are disturbed when the the storm cuts of Cardales power. The church plays shelter to people who have had houses flooded. The police tell Beth the phone lines are down as well as the power cables. Jack tells Beth that they should recruit a trainee for The Beeches to allow her to take maternity leave when she gets pregnant. She tells Jack he is counting his chickens to soon and states that they will bring up the baby 50/50 - she won't be giving up her job. James and Chloe hear noises coming from the bar. James goes to investigate and finds his barmaid Marion's son; Shaun stealing the takings. Shaun panics and hits James on the head, James collapses. Chloe goes dow

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