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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 7 Family Ties

Jack arrives home and is unable to get into the house. He has to climb through the window. He arrives at The Beeches and greets a shocked Beth. She apologises for the fact he couldn't get into the house, she lost the keys and had to get the locks changed. She says she's a bit tied up right now as Will has the day off. They resolve to meet for lunch. Will persuades Janey to join him for a school function at Tony's school. She doesn't really want to but Will explains that he is a family man and has to be there. Jack becomes involved in the plight of Nancy who has Huntington's disease. He is concerned about her when she tries to take her life. Jack tracks down her sister who hasn't visited Nancy for years because she is scared she too may have the illness. Jack is alarmed when Nancy's sister reveals that Nancy has a son who doesn't even know he's at risk from having Huntington's disease. Will and Janey watch Tony play for the schools ruby team. Wills delight at seeing Tony score a try tur

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