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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 6 Fighting Chance

Whilst Beth is out shopping she helps a woman; Barbara, who has fallen over and cut her leg. Beth gives Barbara and her daughter Joanne a lift home. Will visits Beth at home. Beth asks him about Janey. Will says Janey is a very 'no strings sort of girl'. Beth tells him to make sure he doesn't get hurt. Will asks Beth if she resents Jack going back to Africa, she tiptoes around the question by saying how Jack needed time out and how they are both very independent people. However in the end she admits that yes, part of her does resent Jack leaving. Joanne causes a scene in the surgery, throwing things and kicking her mother. Beth asks Barbara if she can talk to Joanne. After a chat Beth discovers that Joanne caused her mothers injury in the supermarket by kicking her. Beth and Janey discuss new drugs schemes, Beth is unimpressed and tells Janey to return to her when the drug is universally used by the hospitals. Will continues his job as the boxing teams doctor. One of the fighters; Pete

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