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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 4 Losing Out

Its' the day of Isabel's funeral. The residents of Cardale turn out in force to say their goodbyes and to support Beth. During the wake Jack is called out to an emergency. There has been a car accident and the female passenger, Amanda has gone into labour. Jack delivers the baby by the roadside but there is a complication; the baby has the cord caught around it's neck. Jack follows Amanda and husband Mark to the hospital where the baby boy is put on a monitor, Jack explains this is because of the complication with the cord. Jack returns home to find Beth sitting alone in the dark. She breaks down in tears when he hugs her and says she thought her job would somehow make her immune to death and its effects. She says that Isabels death has set her adrift. Jack does his best to comfort her but Beth is shattered. At the hospital the doctors are concerned that the baby may have suffered brain damage before or during the birth. Mark decides that Jack must be to blame. Jack receives a letter

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