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Watch Peak Practice online: Episode 13 Happy Ever After

The police arrive at Alice's house. They have a warrant for her arrest because she hasn't paid her council tax. They says if she gives them the money now they can leave. Alice doesn't have the money so they arrest her. When she is taken to the station she is put in a cell. Jack and Will are preparing for interviews for the position of fund manager. The interview a number if candidates but are terribly excited at the prospect of interviewing Trevor - they vow to make him squirm. Kim tells them she hopes they find someone soon, hey say they are looking for someone who she can really get on with. Alice is taken into the court for a hearing where Isabel is magistrate. Isabel informs the court that she knows the defendant and they adjourn. Isabel goes outside the courthouse and calls Beth from a phonebox. She informs Beth of Alice's situation but tells her to keep quiet - she shouldn't have said anything. Beth arrives to take Alice home and is disgusted to see how Alice has been treated. As

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